Destination Inspiration South Lake Tahoe, USA

Why go?

Looking out over Lake Tahoe’s still, clear-blue Alpine depths, you could be fooled into thinking the surrounding landscape is devoid of any activity. Think again. Look close enough and you’ll find a hive of action buzzing from the shores of South Lake Tahoe to the heights of the Sierra Nevada mountains. After the snow starts to fall, skiers and boarders swoop down the slopes of Heavenly Resort, while all year long, hikers and bikers trailblaze Emerald Bay State Park, and golfers tee off at Edgewood Tahoe’s 18-hole course.

With the mountains looming overhead, the backdrop to the lake makes it a scenic choice for cruising, kayaking and scuba diving. Out of the gloriously inviting waters, settle into the sands of Kings Beach, where there are volleyball pitches, a kids’ playground and picnic tables. Come winter or summer, cable cars that leave from the middle of town, such as the Gunbarrel Express, provide the best vistas of the area’s undeniable star – the lake itself.

When to go?

March and April are when accommodation prices are at their most pocket-friendly, while skies are sunny, clear and ripe for hiking, cycling and exploring the lake from all angles. Travellers visiting in late November might come across the year’s first snowfall – just in time for checking out Heavenly’s famous ski runs.

Where to stay?

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel – South Lake Tahoe, USA

This mountain retreat has a vast atrium and lounges to unwind in, as well as an indoor pool and hot tub to soak in after a day of exploring. The hotel’s a hit with bookers who loved its large suites fitted out with kitchens, along with the restaurant’s plentiful meals prepared with local, organic produce.

Postmarc Hotel and Spa Suites – South Lake Tahoe, USA

Featuring a sprawling deck looking onto the water and mountains, this hotel blends modern comforts and Alpine-style finishes. Just two minutes’ walk from Lake Tahoe’s sandy shore, it’s loved by travellers who raved about the friendly staff and the proximity to the great outdoors.

Grand Residences by Marriott – Lake Tahoe – South Lake Tahoe, USA

The cable car to Heavenly Ski Resort is right on the doorstep of these studios and suites, so this is definitely one for winter sports fans. Each suite has a kitchen area and a TV, and the resort itself is home to an inviting outdoor pool and spa.

The Largest Flower Garden in the World, You Should Know

For green-thumbed travellers, there are a few iconic must-visits on the floral bucket list: the tulip fields of the Netherlands, the historic gardens of England, and the elegant jardins of France. But to experience the world’s largest natural garden, one needs to head to a surprising spot: the desert. Dubai Miracle Garden, which opened in 2013, is home to over 100 million flowers planted across 775,000 square feet. Even more impressive than the sheer number of blooms are the artistic and often sculptural arrangements throughout the garden. This being Dubai, a city known for it’s over-the-top attractions, the landscape designers went far beyond traditional topiaries and arches. In 2016, Dubai Miracle Garden earned a Guinness World Record for creating the largest floral installation, a life-size model of a Emirates A380 Airbus—complete with moving engine turbines—made out of 5 million flowers by a crew of over 200. Across the massive park blooms climb trellises to create a neighborhood of flower-covered houses, towering heart-shaped arches, and even a fleet of automobiles.

While a garden in the desert may sound like an ecological nightmare, the attraction uses a number of water saving methods, including waste-water recycling through drip irrigation and capillary mats and polymers to distribute moisture more efficiently. The garden changes each year with brand new installations and will be open for its fifth season November 1– May 31, 2018. While designs for the next season haven’t been released, something tells us a life-sized plane is just the beginning.

5 Beautiful and Comfortable Hotels

 When it comes to hotel lobbies, gone are the days when almost every hotel out there provided grand arrivals through soaring entryways. Your stay used to start as soon as you walked through the doors, transported by glistening chandeliers, over-the-top flower arrangements, and, depending on the kind of property you’ve booked, sweeping staircases. But these days, the hospitality industry seems to be favoring a more boutique look, which means that there just isn’t as much space available for all that extravagance. But just because acreage is limited doesn’t mean that style is, too. Here, five hotels that deliver on the old adage that good things come in small packages with tiny lobbies decorated with ambitious design personalities.


Maison Souquet, Paris, France

In the Belle Époque era, Maison Souquet used to be a pleasure house, which typically decorated its salons in exotic motifs to create a far-flung fantasy for patrons. Today, the hotel’s Moorish-themed 1,001 lobby lounge is an homage to that design practice. Fun fact: The ostentatious interiors of this room (the ornate precious enamel panels, gilded wood adorned with leather from Córdoba) were transported to Paris from its original location in a 19th century private home in Brussels.

Valverde Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

This 25-room boutique hotel on Lisbon’s ritziest avenida is also easily the city’s sexiest. It’s one of the darkest hotels around, which Valverde embraces in order to deliver the private club vibe it excels in. Design-wise, there are strong midcentury inflections, which is all the more obvious in its petite lobby/library, which combines stout wood chairs upholstered in rich velvet, striped walls, 1950s marble-top tables from Italy, and funny decorative finishes like porcelain turkey lamps.

Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina Bogotá, Bogotá, Colombia

Colombian architect Santiago Medina Mejía built this neo-colonial building back 1946, when he used structural and decorative details like stained-glass windows, exposed beams, and massive stone columns to reinforce his old world design vision. The Four Seasons’ tiny lobby here is all about the desk counter, which is a meticulously carved table with a matching headboard that wraps from the wall up to the ceiling directly over the desk. Both were salvaged from Spanish era convents. 

Andaz Mayakoba Resort Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The standalone lobby and lounge at this Mexican resort boast both natural and cultural references, thanks to architect Ronald Zürcher who often combine the two to great effect. The building has wood walls, stone floors, and a cane ceiling ensuring there’s plenty of texture everywhere. There’s also an oculus directly over a central water feature, which is inspired by the region’s ancient cenotes, or underground water reservoirs, which locals believe to be mystical.

Hotel Paradox, Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz might be most known for surf breaks and its bustling boardwalk, but beyond the beach are stunning redwood forests, which serve as design inspiration for this Autograph Collection hotel. Its small lobby only has space for a few white chairs around tree-stump tables, a wall made up of glass panels embedded with a photo of a local redwood forest, and the pièce de résistance, a reception desk that is in fact a salvaged 100-year-old eucalyptus tree.

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Is Selling Your Home to a Cash Home Buyer Worth it?

You may be among the people who wonder whether the ads about buying a house for cash tends to be real or not. There are people who will try to figure out whether these investors tend to have any catch or not. You would need to know that there are instances you would need to sell your home within the shortest time possible.

You may need to sell your house within the shortest time where you anticipate a foreclosure. In case of a probate, you would also need to sell your home as soon as possible. Most individuals also tend to sell their homes to avoid instances where their homes are caught up in a legal divorce proceeding as there are chances that the house with either be owned by the spouse or have it sold and the cash divided between the spouses. Some sellers also tend to have difficulties selling their homes or have their listings expire and hence the need to sell their homes fast.

Bankruptcy is yet another reason as to why one would consider selling your house fast. A bankruptcy case tends to involve all your property, and hence it tends to become hard to sell your house. The creditors can’t foreclosure your property as it tends to be shielded under bankruptcy protection. In that case, you would have to file with the bankruptcy court before selling your house. You would need to sell your home to a cash buyer to avoid instances where you are not able to sell the house in question. The house would only be sold to meet the trustees debt and hence benefit the trustee as opposed to benefiting you as the owner of the house.

You would also need to sell your house fast in a case where you have received a job transfer to another locality. You would need to make sure that you sell your home and buy another one in your new locality as opposed to first spending so much on rent even when you have a home that is not occupied. You would need to make sure that you sell your home fast to avoid instances where you start working and hence lack enough time to meet potential clients to sell your house to. You may also consider selling your home to a cash buyer where the you have issues with the tenants and wants to evict them, where the cost of repairing the house is too high or even when you do not use the home in question.

An inherited house may have taken some time before anyone living in it making it demand many repairs before selling it. You would need to note that there are also chances that the repairs demand so much money and hence need more than you have saved to fully repair the home in question.

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A Simple Plan For Investigating Resources

A Brief Rundown of Experts

Guidelines to Choosing a HVAC Repair Contractor

When you look for a HVAC repair expert, it is basic to ensure that you consider various factors. It is critical to consider the licensing of the HVAC repair expert before you enlist him. Employing a HVAC expert that us all around skilled is basic on the grounds that your HVAC system is expensive. You can get every one of the services you are searching for when you procure a licensed repair expert since he has met every one of the prerequisites that have been set by the state. Contracting an expert that is licensed is likewise beneficial in light of the fact that the he will have the correct training.

It is additionally basic to consider the experience that the HVAC repair expert has. You need to procure a specialist that knows what he is doing so that he doesn’t wind up ruining your system. For you to know the experience of the expert, it is basic to ensure that you take a gander at to what extent he has offered these services. You need to look for a specialist that has offered these services for quite a while in light of the fact that they will guarantee you of great services.

The HVAC repair expert that you contract ought to be an expert that will make a system assessment before they to make any repairs. When the expert makes a system assessment, he can have the capacity to know the HVAC repair that will be correct.

Requesting for references can assist you to get a specialist that you can enlist for the job. If your partners have worked with any HVAC repair expert in the past, they can allude you to the expert that they have worked with. It is critical to likewise take a gander at the reviews of the HVAC repair expert before you enlist him since you can know the sort of service you will get from him. Look at the reviews that are made in their sites and check whether there are any grievances made about the HVAC repair expert. If the expert has great reviews made about his services, it will be vital to employ him for the services.

Searching for a HVAC repair expert that will offer you discounts is likewise important. Searching for an expert that will offer you discounts can be helpful in light of the fact that HVAC services are regularly costly. Searching for an expert is additionally essential with regards to your HVAC system. The upside of hiring an expert is that he can help you in picking a HVAC system that is efficient. If you need to discover HVAC system that can offer you good performance, it is vital you enlist a specialist that can advise you.

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Advantages of Painting, Siding, and Residential Remodeling

In normal circumstances it is good to see your home looking neat, good and tidy either after renovating it or either by keeping it clean time after time and so in this chapter we are going to visit some of the advantages of painting, siding and residential remodeling in our homes. It makes one happy when his house is neatly painted and attract more appealing eyes beyond your own so this means that the painting brings a greater picture than the one that was there before and so the value of the house automatically grows higher. When it comes to the siding of the house they normally play a very important role when it comes to improving the appearance of the house and this can be enhanced by just painting the siding so that they may be able to bring all the strength of the painting and also to ensure that the house is looking elegant to the eye.

When individuals are living in a house for a very long time the house normally tends to lose its taste and as a result of this the owners normally tend to come up with ways of how to renovate the house so that it may be able to get back its original look or its original appealing appearance and by doing this they are able to capture this by doing painting to the house so that it may be able to have a new look that will be able to attract different viewers. It is quite advantageous when it comes to painting wooden houses and this is because it acts as a protective barrier for the wooden frameworks especially the sidings against external elements such as rain when it rains your house will not be damaged since the paint will be able to protect the water from seeping through and this will assist the house to be able to last for quite a long period of time.

We cannot avoid doing renovations to our houses and this is because once you have lived in it for a long period of time it is bound to be exposed to damages from features like rain and mold and a result of these kind of circumstances we normally find ourselves forced to do renovations so that the house is able to maintain its original appealing look and this end result can be achieved by simply painting the house. In this chapter, we have been able to look at the various ways in which individuals are able to do house renovations and one of the ways is through painting the houses or buildings and how it can really bring out a different look to the house which may be elegant and appealing to the individuals and we have found out that painting is one of the cost-effective ways of renovating a house or a residential building.

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What I Can Teach You About Options

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Top Qualities You Should Check When Hiring A Home Remodeling Contractor

Planning properly for a home remodeling project is crucial putting into consideration the amount of work required and the materials to be used in the process. One of the most key factors would be choosing the best company that offer remodeling services or a contractor with the highest qualifications in that field. The importance of this is because opting for a contractor who is unsuitable for the job will ruin the whole project. Thus, it is advisable to always source for the best home remodeling contractor to help in reducing the risk of the project not being done on time, and to cut losses. The following are qualities to seek when sourcing for a home remodeling contractor.

When you want your home remodeled, the first thing to look for in a qualified home remodeling contractor is whether they are licensed and insured. This is vital in providing protection to yourself and your home from any damages that may lead to losses. A home remodeling contractor who is insured and licensed by the governing body available is considered the best. The reason behind this is to make sure they adhere to the set standards by the industry and ensure the owner does not pay for any damages that may result from the project. The contractor’s insurance covers are the one liable for any damages that may occur.

Always hire a home remodeling contractor with the best and proven reputation. The best measure of professionalism of a good home remodeling contractor is determined by the satisfaction of the customers. Hence, before settling for a home remodeling contractor, request a list of some of the projects they have done and completed. The same way, you may opt to research on your own and seek the owner of some of the projects done by the contractor to get the experience from them. This way, clearing any doubts about the contractor is achieved and entrusting the contractor for your home remodeling is made simpler and easier.

Choose a friendly and open contractor to hire.Communication is crucial in ensuring your home remodeling project succeeds well. A contractor to hire, therefore, should be open and explains every step of the project. This is so because one can express his thought concerning the project and changes.

The location of the contractor is also important. Hire a contractor with a permanent base of operation and has an address. They should have a way to reach them like having a telephone number or any other suitable means in case you require talking to them.


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Understanding Kitchens

The Key Elements of Great Toys

The Rise in Use of Adult Toys

Scientists have established among couples, boring sex is bad sex, it is paramount to ensure partners experience great sex for them to be able to benefit the body, mind and ensure the relationship is maintained at a healthy status, scientific studies have proven having regular sex plays an instrumental role in ensuring the individual is happy by maintaining healthy relationships. Today, many people have been open to introduce adult toys to the bedroom to ensure there is exploration of sex to allow the individuals to be able to create an exciting climate and get fulfillment from each other. Scientists have explained sex is beneficial, Adult toys noted to allow partners to get more motivated to engage in sex, which is the primary reason for the toys, the feeling the individuals are able to get satisfaction creates an atmosphere of engaging into more sex which is beneficial to the partners.

In order to show the importance of the adult toys, adult toys introduction in the bedroom allows the partners to be able to interact and explore different sexual activities in the bedroom, when an individual is capable to engage in more sex he or she is capable to remain productive at their place of work. More sex allows an individual to appear relaxed, motivated to work, confidence in their area of work and stays connected to the other people at the workplaces, when an individual is capable to perform maximum at home then the person is able to perform his or her best at work. It is paramount for couples to keep things interesting in the bedroom, introduction of the adult toys allows relationships to remain to be interesting and kicking, at first introduction of the adult toys may be challenging but it is important for the transition to be made smoothly and with time, both parties get comfortable.

Marriage therapists have emphasized, adult toys result to happy couple, when partners are aware they can gain full satisfaction from their partners they are able to share a deeper mining of intimacy in their relationship which is crucial for every marriage. Over the years it has been proven, with use of the adult toys, the feeling of satisfaction not only allows the individual to be able to share friendship but the bond and trust that is created allows the partners to have a healthier relationship. There are individuals identified to have low sex drive, but with the use of the adult toys the individual have significantly increased in their libido as the toys allow them to have enough foreplay for the person to later enjoy sex. Finally, in order to embrace the use of the adult toys, the adult toys identified to be in many shops where people can easily get them at affordable costs, couples now can be able to have greater sex with the adult toys in the bedroom.

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Choosing an HVAC Repair Service- Tips to Consider

You wanted to make sure that your family enjoys the utmost comfort inside the house and a good HVAC system can be your partner to achieve this goal. But, there will always come a time that your system fails. You can do basic cleaning and repairs if you want, but the truth is you can’t fully understand how it works when you’re not an expert at it. Good thing, you can easily reach a professional who can do HVAC repairs.

It is quite challenging to find a good HVAC repair company since there are many options available. In this article, you will learn some of the things you need to look for in an HVAC repair company.

1. When finding the right professional to do your HVAC repair, then be sure to check his certification. Although all companies will tell you that they are the best professionals to repair your system, but not all are fully equipped to perform the task. You have to understand that not all of them are the same. If you wanted the best HVAC repair services, it is very important that you check the certifications the company has received. With this, you will know that they can provide you with the best services you deserve.

2. The next essential thing to give attention to is the services the company is offering. And in determining what they have for you, you will know if they are giving a reasonable price. You may want to choose the one with cheaper price, but be sure they have the full services you need. Remember, you are shopping for the right HVAC repair company to help you ensure your system will work at its best all the time. For this reason, you have to carefully check the services they offer than the cost.

3. Finally, you have to ensure that company you hire has insurance. When the company has an insurance, then you will not worry about spending money in case damages occur while the professionals carry out their task. And a good company has sure an insurance. When you know that you hire the best services, then you will not worry about your system.

With these simple tips, you will sure find the right HVAC repair service in no time. It is wrong to think that hiring professionals to repair your system is a waste of time and money. Remember, if you get the right professionals to do the job, then your system will be well taken cared of.

Do not delay and do you research well and find the right company to hire. And when you have the right professional, worry no more about your HVAC system.

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A Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding

Couples planning a wedding want to go an extra mile thus the increasingly popularity of destination weddings. Brides dependably need to have the best wedding photographs than other brides this has been fueled by the presence of social media, brides want to have a wedding that will make everybody on social media envy her.

Destination weddings can experience issues like food poisoning and hurricanes however these are not things to prevent the ladies from making arrangements for these sorts of weddings. In case the bride does not have the money to pay a wedding coordinator it doesn’t infer that she can’t prepare for her own specific destination wedding. Officiating a wedding has been made simple in the united states, any individual can register on the web and be legitimately permitted to officiate a wedding, this will keep prevent fines you may incur if you conduct an illegal wedding. On the off chance that you choose to direct your wedding in the national park, the beach or the Virgin Islands you can get a companion to register and officiate your wedding.

When you have a person to officiate your wedding the following stage is to find an area where you need the wedding to be. Have a list of the spots you long to go and select one which will be the most appropriate. Many brides will usually choose the beach because of the romantic setting it has, but it does not have to be the beach only you can select other venues like a place you had your first vacation with your loved one.

The cost of the destination wedding is likewise critical to consider, picking an area that might be outside your nation might be costly for you and also the guests you may have for your wedding, you wouldn’t want to be alone right? The time you set for the wedding is important because it will help you choose a time when the travel expenses will not be too high.

You can consider enlisting a wedding organizer who may help you in a few things to like applying for a marriage certificate, and satisfying the residency rules of the region you have chosen to do your wedding. The choice of a wedding dress is in like manner basic guarantee you select the right fabric and ensure you do not put it in a checked luggage which may never arrive at the destination. Employing a professional photographer is basic in light of the way that he will ensure that you have the best photos for your wedding. Making a list on what you are to do is important this will ensure you do not end up forgetting to do other things.

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Features of a Good Cbd Oil Seller

The short of the cannabidiol is cbd. The chief component in the cannabis sativa is cannabidiol. The cannabis sativa mainly does well in the tropics and it leaves are narrow and their edges are saw-like. The cannabis sativa can be used for recreational or health benefits. In many countries, use of marijuana, which is another term for cannabis sativa, for recreational purposes is illegal. Cbd is known to cure many illnesses. It is able to cure epilepsy, inflammation, stress and anxiety, low sex drive, insomnia and cancer among others. Some companies have been established to sell the cbd oil products. Consider the following things in the selecting of a cannabidiol selling company.

A good cbd oil selling company should have an e-commerce store. The other term that stands for the e-commerce store is the online shop. Many business activities have been simplified by the use of the internet. The internet is being used for research on products, placing orders and checking the order status. The online shop has important information such as; company’s profile, order placing details and the contact information.

The best cannabidiol oil selling companies offer the after-sales services. These are services given to a client after he/she purchases some products. The main after-sales services are delivery, discounts, packaging, shipping and maintenance tips. The Wellspring CBD will ship the cbd oil products you buy directly to your country. A good cbd oil product company should also pack the product carefully before they are delivered to the client’s doorsteps.

A good cbd oil products selling the company should stock all the forms of the cbd products. The cbd oil products are in various forms. There are the cbd capsules, lotions, candy, gels, gums, drops, waxes and superfoods. Selling all the types of the cbd oil products will pull in more customers.

A good cbd oil retailer should have relatively-cheaper products. Most of the people should be able to purchase the cbd oil. The company should take into consideration the financial status of all the customers. A good cbd oil company should ask for payments after the right products have been delivered to the buyer. Many clients consider prices as the main factor.

The best cbd oil sellers are licensed. Before establishing a business or a company, you must have a license. A seller who sells quality cbd oil products is the only one who is licensed.These are the qualities of the best cbd oil sellers.

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Tips For Wellness And Happiness Living

Health and happiness are two aspects that will ensure that your life to the fullest. A healthy living is something that you need to keep strategizing. Nonetheless, we may have a failed health even if we try our best to eat well and avoid the things that affect it negatively.

But that is not to say that you can lead a haphazard life. You need to make sure that you are in such a perfect shape at all times.

You should make sure that you stay away from smoking and drinking. If you are an addict already, you may find it a mountain task leaving your habits. There are many recovery centers out there these; take advantage of them, and you will get the results you need.

These great rehabilitation facilities have what it takes to ensure that you are leading a healthy life and are free from addiction. Such a healthy life has to be one that is happy.

If you desire to live a healthy life but do not know where to start, you need not be anxious. Here are some fundamental elements that should help you make the right decision on healthy and happy life.

To start with, you need to ensure that you are a happy person. Statistics have revealed that unhappy people tend to get flu and colds more frequently than those who are happy.

Degree of happiness will always determine the level of strength of your immunity. You need to choose to live a happy life and stick by it by all means. You should be able to identify moods and be focused on the good feelings instead of feeling crummy.

You also need to learn to eat well. The kinds of foods that you eat will always affect the way your body works. You see, your body needs fuel to function well. Your brain runs your system, and it has to get the right amounts of nutrients to be able to work properly.

Your brain needs to work at optimally to ensure that you are a happy person. If you do not eat the right amount of foods and ensure it is a balanced diet, your brain will take up what is necessary for its function leaving the rest of the body with low levels of essentials and you will grow weak eventually.

You should be able to avoid junk foods. You need to be careful of the things that you consume. It affects your happiness. From digestion to assimilation to the nutrient utility, you need to know that your dietary choices will affect your general happiness.

It is also essential that you drink the recommended amount of water on a daily basis. Be sure to stay away from water that is packaged in plastic bottles – you can’t tell the length of time they have been exposed to high heats. The particulate plastics will get into your system, and this will damage your organs in the end. Lastly, ensure that you get enough rest.

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Factors To Look At Before Engaging The Services Of A Law Firm

For your legal cases, you will require the services of experts in the field. in the legal industry there are many law firms but the but the appropriate company is that which has been in operation for a long while. You are guaranteed a good representation given that there are some that have been in operation for a long while. For you to be able to determine the quality of the services you will receive. Before hiring any attorneys, it is ideal to look at certain factors. To get the best representative, these factors play an important role. below are the critical factors to look at when hiring the services of a legal firm.

The best law firms have qualified teams. Given that their goal is to provide the best services to their clients, they only hire the best attorneys to their firm. Given that their attorneys have worked in the industry expensively, you will be properly represented. Since they have been in the legal field for a long while, their attorneys are quite experienced. To identify a qualified team, you should look at the education background of the team members. Those that are qualified have been to the best law schools in the country. Because your case will be handled professionally, you will be certain of a win in your case.

It is critical to be certified in law thus is an important trait to look at. Since the legal industry is highly regulated, it is compulsory that reps have the right certification. The best companies ensure that that their attorneys get the right certification. They meet the industry set standards when they have the certifications. when attorneys are certified, their rating increase. You will be sure that the attorney that will be handling your case is one which is rated highly. These attorneys have the techniques of handling the cases within the board and courtrooms they find themselves in. They have the best traits which cannot be compared to the other legal companies in the industry.

Good firms have the correct licenses. Legal documents are needed for smooth operation of a law firm. They are proof that the law firm has the right to operate in the jurisdiction. They can only get access to the right case files when they have valid licenses. Since they pay taxes, such law firms follow the law. With valid licenses, their cases cannot be lost through technicalities. Law firms should have good reputation. Reputation is necessary given that it is the determinant for the services which you will receive. The law firms which have good reputation are those that have been providing quality services for a long while.

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