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Trips for Foodies

We all have our favorite foods. I, for example, love seafood. And pizza. And olives. Oh, and chocolate, carrots, ice cream and nectarines. It all depends on the day, which gives me a lot of choice in planning food-themed road trips.

In fact, no matter what your favorite food or drink, chances are you can map out a road trip to somewhere that food is grown, caught, made or transformed — and, of course, offered for tasting.

Here are 5 food-themed road trips to consider. All are places I’ve been to or longed to see ever since I heard about their culinary offerings.

Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival — Galway, Ireland
One September day in 1954, a hotelier was mulling how to lure guests in the waning fall tourist season. His chef suggested serving oysters, which were coming into season. Now the festival, slated for Sept. 23-25, 2011, draws more than 10,000 people, and includes an oyster-shucking competition, live music, gala ball and numerous pints of Ireland’s favorite libation. Galway, on the Green Isle’s west coast, offers picture-book Irish scenes: rolling hills, seaside cliffs, old stone castles and country lanes.
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory Pilgrimage — Waterbury, VT
The trick with this one is to get out in the hilly Vermont countryside and burn some calories before touring the ice cream factory. For that, check out the variety of hiking trails at Camel’s Hump State Park, about 5 miles west of Waterbury, VT. Now, the tasty part: The factory tour includes a company history “moo-vie,” views of the production room, an explanation of ice cream making and (yes!) samples. Summertime at the farm/factory includes outdoor activities, such as meeting the B&J cows on the semi-wooded pasture and enjoying ample space for picnicking. The scoop shop is open year-round. For more action (shopping, dining and nightlife), continue west on Interstate 89 to Burlington, VT.
North Carolina BBQ Tour
I admit it: I stopped eating meat 10 years ago. But before I did, I had a special place in my heart — and taste buds — for North Carolina barbecue. Many of the 24 recommended stops on the North Carolina Barbecue Society’s Historic Barbecue Trail conjure a certain mouth-watering aroma in my memory. Highlights include Allen & Son’s pit-cooked barbecue, in Chapel Hill, NC, with its huge brick pits flanked by hickory logs, andStamey’s Old Fashioned Barbecue, founded by Warner Stamey, who learned to cook pulled pork in the 1920s from friends who sold barbecue out of tents across from the Lexington, NC, courthouse.
Pizza Fest — Naples, Italy
Italians claim the first pizza was baked in Naples in the 16th century. Some may dispute this, but few would deny that Naples now hosts the world’s best celebration of the ubiquitous pie, the annual Pizza Fest, scheduled for Sept. 1-30, 2011. The scenic seaside city, always a lively destination, buzzes even more during Pizza Fest with demos, competitions and “master classes” — held throughout the city — on how to make traditional Neapolitan pizza. If you can squeeze in line, check out the pizzeria credited with being the world’s first, Brandi, which opened in 1780.

This is the reason why the plane is white

Just as sun damage causes problems for our skin, it also wreaks havoc on airplanes. To circumvent that, a lot of planes are actually painted white in order to diminish the effects of those pesky rays – which can be pretty fierce when you’re sailing above the clouds.

‘It’s basically like putting sunblock on,’ John Hansman, an MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics professor, told Business Insider.

The white paint reflects sunlight and solar radiation, which helps to keep the airline cool after hours of UV. Since some parts of a plane are made from composite materials like plastic, they can be more susceptible to damage and are generally the lightest part of the plane. Other colours including red and blue are more likely to absorb light and cause the plane to heat up, so a reflective white also helps save on cooling costs which can start to rack up.

If your plane is painted white, it’s also much easier to spot dangerous oil spills or cracks within the hull of the vehicle. And on the same note, a white plane is much more visible, easy to see against the blue or midnight sky.

Another non-scientific reason is that white paint is just cheaper all around. Unlike other bright colours, when white paint fades it isn’t nearly as noticeable and cuts down on the number of times you need to repaint a vehicle. On top of that, white paint generally costs less than other colours and is also a lot lighter because of the way it’s formulated (which can drive up power costs).

White planes are also a lot easier to put branding on and once airlines have had enough of them, neutral white vehicles are much easier to sell/rent than coloured ones. It’s all very economic.

Some travel blogger travel destinations are over

Shetland has a brighter summer climate than Cornwall

August may be upon us but it sort of feels more like autumn, huh? With a heap of unimpressed Brits talking about (yes, you guessed it) the weather, it’s no surprise that making headlines on the BBC today is the fact that Cornwall isn’t the sunniest place in the UK this year. It’s actually Shetland.

Having experienced flash floods in Coverack, Cornwall has had more intense rain than sunshine this season and it seems that staycationers should head towards St Ninian’s Isle in Shetland instead.

It doesn’t make logistical sense considering The Shetland Islands are over 700 miles further north than Cornwall but that’s how the cookie is crumbling this year.

And, it’s only the eighth time Shetland has been this sunny since weather records started in 1929.

In July, areas around Shetland enjoyed 192.9 hours of sunshine in total, compared to 153.5 hours in Cornwall. Considering that this July had 22% more rain than usual in the UK, that’s a pretty big feat.

Before you call this news boring, just know that even climate scientists are calling this ‘remarkable’ and are calling last month a ‘significant event’ so there you go, there’s some dinner party fodder for y’all.