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The Importance of Choosing a General Contractor
A general contractor is a professional who oversees construction projects on a daily basis. This individual acts as a liaison between the owner, design team, and construction workers. They are the people in charge of the project’s timeline and quality. They also coordinate with vendors and ensure that the materials are on hand when they’re needed. As well as overseeing the work of subcontractors and labor, they communicate with all parties involved to determine the best way to proceed.

Getting a license is one of the first steps in becoming a general contractor. Most states require contractors to be licensed, but California has stricter requirements than most. Any contractor working on a project that costs more than $500 must be licensed. The Board for Contractors State Licensing oversees the licensing process and sets requirements for the construction industry. It also lists exceptions. Choosing a licensed contractor can help protect you from lawsuits and other problems that may arise in the future.

Another benefit of hiring a general contractor is that you’re protected from potential legal issues. In most states, a general contractor must carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance, which protects the homeowner in the event of a lawsuit. A licensed general contractor will also protect you from voiding your warranties. Major appliances and siding, for example, must be installed by a qualified professional or the manufacturer will refuse to honor it. This means you can be sure that your project is completed to manufacturer’s specifications.

As a general contractor, you can expect your project to go smoothly. While you may have to hire a specific subcontractor for certain aspects of construction, the GC is ultimately in charge of the entire process, from beginning to end. The GC will coordinate with all of these specialists to make sure your project is built to your specifications. A general contractor is also responsible for ensuring that the construction site remains safe, as it is an essential part of a project.

Choosing a general contractor is a major decision. They’re responsible for all aspects of construction, including labor, materials, and equipment. Additionally, a good general contractor will hire specialized subcontractors and oversee their work to the highest quality. A general contractor also prioritizes safety on the job site. It’s essential to look for a licensed general contractor for a construction project. If you’re not sure which company to hire, a licensed general contractor can help you in every way.

A general contractor will oversee the day-to-day activities at the construction site. They will also hire subcontractors to complete different tasks. Generally, 80-90% of the work performed on a large commercial project is performed by subcontractors. A general contractor is a professional who is in charge of coordinating the project and ensuring it meets quality standards. This person will also act as a liaison between the owner and the design team.

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